The Complete Illustrated Guide to Whipping Shitties

Spring 2012
Rating: PG-13

In the spring of 2012 my pal Sara McHenry stumbled upon an incredible database of data about dialects across the country. It came to our attention that in some pleaces, people refer to doing donuts as "whipping shitties". This is of course bizarre and hilarious, and needed to be commemorated. You'll notice that the whipping shitties chart contains a single point over the city of Atlanta, which I like to imagine is me.

Additionally, it is appropriate to refer to doing a U-turn as whipping a shitty, if in case you are looking for a way to incorporate this new vocabulary into your everyday life.

(Click the cover to read the whole comic online!)

A digital copy of this book can be purchased on Gumroad for whatever amount you think is appropriate. It can also be purchsed in conjunction with Prettiest Butt of All Time, Remedial Arithmedick, and Arithmedick the Halls as part of the Catiemonster Omnibus.